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3 Ways To Ace Your Facebook Marketing Through Gamification

It takes a bit of practice and a LOT of split testing to get the hang of Facebook Marketing, not to mention that it is ever-changing and everything you learn today, you may have to forget and learn anew tomorrow. But if there’s one undeniable constant in Facebook marketing, it’s this: engagement is the highest currency.

What do we want? Engagement! When do we want it? Now! How can we get it? Through various calls to action in content. Well, that’s how we used to get it. Except now, Facebook is cracking down hard on what they call “engagement baiting”.

“Tag a friend who needs this”, “Like the page and share this post to win”, “Comment your favorite emoji” just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Shucks, what does that mean? We’re actually going to have to start making engaging content? That sounds difficult and time-consuming. And how do we do that?


Have you ever stopped everything you’re doing because you wanted to know what your preference in cheese says about your best personality trait? Don’t lie. Of course you have.

Well, with gamification, we can turn this from a gimmick into a really interesting (and effective!) marketing technique. There is nothing more engaging than a quiz. Yes, videos are fun, but they don’t require any action. Quiz bots do.

Let’s say you’re an eCommerce store and you want to promote a selection of products. What does your supply depend on? Demand. But welcome to 2018, there are a LOT of things being sold, and a lot of things people don’t need… Until they do.

It’s simple: if there is no problem, create one – but gamify it. So, your hypothetical store sells Star Wars merchandise. No one needs Lightsaber chopsticks or a Darth Vader waffle maker… Until they’re given a reason to. 

“What Star Wars household item do you need in your life?” “Which Star Wars character are you most connected to?” “What side of the Force will you be on?” – these are just a few things you could create a quiz around.

From this point, it’s easy. Set up a cool, visually appealing bot that asks a bunch of random questions such as “Which one of these colors are you most drawn to?” “What’s your favorite breakfast food?” “Are you more of a dog person or cat person?” – it honestly doesn’t matter. The more engaging the better. People LOVE to talk about themselves. 

At the end of the quiz, give them a result with a clear call to action to visit a product page. Pop a link to the product page in there and BOOM. Chances are someone is sitting behind a computer waiting for their $30 Lightsaber chopsticks to ship.


Okay, so we’re not all technology nerds and bot wizards, but is doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Remember Where Is Waldo?  This is a book filled with pages of crowds. People doing stuff. And in the midst of this sea of people, there is one dude with a striped shirt and a beanie. And YOU have to find him. Hours upon hours are spent on finding this man. And the craziest thing is: there is no incentive! What happens when you find Waldo? NOTHING. You don’t get a prize, you don’t get the key to a magic kingdom, you just find Waldo. That’s it. That’s the prize.

M&M’s took that exact concept and created a simple post that generated 26,000 likes, 6200 shares and 11,000 comments. Try incentivising this with a freebie or an offer and the sky is the limit.


Quizzes on landing pages are gold because of a number of reasons. Not only do you not have to figure out how to build a bot (or pay someone to do it), but moving your quiz to a landing page opens up another possibility: capturing information.

Here’s the thing, people don’t give their information away for nothing. If you’ve ever captured personal details through an opt-in page, chances are you learned the hard way that conversions skyrocket when you’ve got a lead magnet or a tripwire in place. Give something away for free, and people will give you their email address. Sometimes twice, because they want more chances to get the free thing and don’t pretend like you haven’t done it.

A quiz on a landing page can be used for any industry. Ecommerce, online coaching, in fact, it’s proven to be especially effective in insurance & finance funnels.

By moving a quiz to a landing page you can capture people’s information without giving them a freebie or a discount offer. Your quiz functions as your lead magnet. People give you their email address to access the next page, which will hold the answer to whatever cheese, Disney princess, or favorite travel destination they’ve picked says about their personality.

So there you have it. Let’s get social – and remember. GAMIFY. EVERYTHING.

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