​What content will you publish on my social networks?

Your account manager will publish content according to your guidelines, tailored to your business. They will produce personalized content including text and images, created exclusively for you.

​Who will manage my accounts on social networks?

Your account manager will take care of your accounts on social networks. Only he/she will have access to your account information. Your account manager is dedicated to posting and writing content for your account.

Can I have access to a professional report to track the performance of my social networks?

Yes! We will send you comprehensive, weekly reports, with all information you need to track your social media performance.

​What are the advantages of hiring Tastemakersand not having internal staff?

You can count on a team of experts with over 12 years of experience in digital marketing, with a much lower cost than if you had to hire professionals in-house. You get high quality, low cost and without having to worry about managing or training the team.

Can I review the posts before they are published?

Yes, of course! You can simply login to your social media calendar to view scheduled posts days, weeks, or months in advance.

Will you also monitor messages and comments on my social networks?

Yes! Your account manager will moderate all comments and messages. We can answer the frequently asked questions and forward you the most personalized ones.

What if I have other questions?

Chat with us in the bottom right corner or feel free to contact us: Once you hire our team for any of our services, your account manager will give you their complete contact details to assist you faster.


High Quality Weekly/Monthly Photo & Graphic Design Content

Make it look as good as it taste. Our team will assign professional photographers to visit your business regularly throughout each month to ensure there's always something fresh to post


100% Real & Consistent Follower Growth

No fake followers. We’ll build a custom-tailored, organic strategy to get your social media profiles in front of 10,000+ real people in your target audience each month

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Social Media Buying

We work with influencers hand in hand to create maximum impact for your brand. To amplify your voice, we align your brand with like-minded and aesthetically similar businesses and creators for collaborations.

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Website Creation w/ SEO Enhancements

Beautiful, mobile friendly websites that drive revenue and customers — complete with a simple, hospitality-focused management system, hosting and exceptional customer support


Digital Advertising w/ Landing Page & Funnel Development

From various refined ad campaigns to responsive landing page websites, our expert advertising campaign specialists will build, test, & optimize sales funnels and deliver weekly reports.


Listing Builder

Quickly establish accurate business listings on 60+ business listing sites in the U.S., including Apple Maps, Waze, Yahoo!, Bing Maps, Yelp and Open Table.


Reputation Building

Track every aspect of your online reputation, such as business listings, customer reviews, and online word-of-mouth on important sources.


Mentoring & Outstandingly Fast Support

You can assure our team is available Monday to Friday to make sure we can help you with any of your clients requests or make any changes to the direction of the content


Daily Optimized Social Media Postings

We develop a visual story that fits your aesthetic and reaches your target audience by generating content, maximizing follower growth and engagement, and providing monthly analytic reports.

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& Event Marketing

We offer a dedicated crew to not only pursue your participation in relevant events but also to seek out opportunities for brand partnerships and activations to generate revenue for your business.

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Copywriting for Emails, Blogs & Newsletters

Nurture and delight your prospects with personalized emails crafted to grow your business while connecting you to your customers. 

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Lead Generation & Customer Information Collection

Game-changing wi-fi tools to collect contacts faster and engage customers more effectively.